Beata Frcova

Slovak MedicalUniversity in Bratislava Faculty of Health Care in Banska Bystrica

Slovak MedicalUniversity in Bratislava


Editor in chief

Area of Interests

Research activities and Projects
Streptococcus pneumoniae resistance in otitis children of the youngest age group.
Research role of APVV no. 0310-06 Development of Functional Foods with 6 - 1,3 D – GlucansMethods and forms of nursing care in EU countries.
Germany - Magdeburg. Realization 3. 10-13. 11. 2004

  Adaptation of graduates in the labor market in the European Union.
October - November 2005 in cooperation with EBG e. V. in Magdeburg – Germany

 New methods and forms of nursing for better use in the market

MOTUS - professional exchange and occupational mobility in the field of care
About old people in Germany, Italy, in the Slovak Republic. Project of Banská