Jan de Vries

Assistant Professor


Trinity College Dublin’s School of Nursing




JAN DE VRIES (Ph.D., MSc, MA, BSc) is a psychology lecturer and researcher in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Trinity College University of Dublin. Originally from the Netherlands, he has been a visiting scholar in the USA and the UK, before settling in Ireland. He has specialized in healthcare issues such as mental healthcare, care erosion, nursing leadership, sexual health, e.a. His psychological focus is on cognitive dissonance and neuroscience, stress and trauma management, and conflict resolution. He is currently involved in several research programs on the cusp of health care and psychology. He recently (2017)was the lead author of a new introductory psychology text, specifically for nurses(Understanding Psychology for Student Nurses; published by Sage).

Area of Interests


  • Experience in the role of primary investigator and collaborator in many research projects
  • Specific strength and experience with evaluation studies, cognitive neuroscience, mental health
  • Skilled interviewer and group facilitator
  • Skilled in research design and data analysis (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods)
  • Skilled in academic writing



  • Psychology within a multi-disciplinary context, specifically applied to health, nursing and peace and reconciliation
  • Cognitive dissonance: foundations and application (see a mapping of recent research focus and output)
  • Hatred and its mitigation
  • Stress, stress management, and post-traumatic stress
  • Peace studies
  • Psychology education
  • Mental health education