Jocelyn B Hipona


Far Eastern University




Jocelyn has a PhD major in Educational Management and is currently enrolled for her second PhD major in Nursing Science from the Philippines. She is a registered nurse in her home country and has spent 10 years working in the nursing academe until she became engaged in research. She is involved in peer reviewing articles outside her country and been working with the international publishers since 2018.  She had the opportunity to worked in a government university in the Middle East that made her honed her skills and explore the international standard in education and research. She is presently a faculty member in the Graduate Studies, Institute of Nursing, holding a Professorial 5 position in one of the premier university in the Philippines. She is a member of the curriculum and the accreditation committee in their department, specialized in curriculum design and quality accreditation.

Area of Interests

Her research interests are in nursing education, nursing science and technologies, and the advancement of nursing practice. She recently joined DOAJ editorial subcommittee that made her expand her scope in research and publications.