Sara Geale

Senior Lecturer

Midwifery and Paramedicine

Australian Catholic University




I have been nursing for nearly 30 years in Health care as a Staff Nurse, Senior Staff Nurse in ICU, and Supervisor of an Emergency Room. I have also worked in Health Care Quality Improvement and Health care Education. Some 20 of those 30 years have been in the Middle East working with some 40 different nationalities.  I have not always nursed, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Library and Information science from Wagga Wagga, CAE, a Postgraduate diploma of Applied Science Nursing form Sydney CAE, Australia.  I have completed a Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management from Touro University, USA achieving Suma Cum Laude.

I hold a PhD in Emergency and Disaster Management from Walden University. My research and dissertation were put forward for dissertation of the year 2010 and published as a book.

I have a passion for nursing and teaching. I try and pass that passion on to my student nurses look forward to working with you.

Area of Interests

My current interest is Disaster Management, Clinical education, and Clinical Placements for bachelor of nursing students