Tetsuya Umebayashi



Tarrant County College

United States




Dr. Tetsuya Umebayashi is the Dean of Nursing at Tarrant County College in Texas. He received a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Walden University. His primary research project was to adapt the TeamSTEPPS approach to the institutional context in order to produce highly effective medical teams that achieve the safest patient care. 

Dr. Umebayashi served as the inaugural Director of Vocational Nursing at Tarrant County College prior to his appointment as dean. He initiated the new program and oversaw the growth. He spent 12 years at the college, beginning as Assistant Professor in 2008, and serving as Coordinator for multiple nursing courses prior to his appointment as the Director of Vocational Nursing.

Dr. Umebayashi believes fostering civility in a team is a key to enhancing the relationship with people. He shows an attitude of value for the person, acknowledges the value of the others’ contributions, listens carefully, and communicates respectfully. In addition, he has been focusing on developing policies and programs to attract, retain, and promote diversity. He has established a Path of Nursing Diversity Success Program and Bilingual Nursing Program to increase the diverse nursing workforce in Texas.

Dr. Umebayashi has worked in collaboration with local and state organizations and groups. He currently serveson the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Nursing Shortage Reduction Program Rider 28 Work Group Committeeand James L. West’s dementia advisory council.  His most recent honor was the NISOD Excellence Award.